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In CorteStudioglass you can find glass jewelry made of genuine and certified Italian Murano glass and if the idea of wearing one of a kind and out of ordinary handcrafted creation is what  fascinates  you most,  you are in the right place.

Not choosing  mass produced jewelry, means choosing time, talent, thought and energy spent by the crafter into his creation; an original symbol of who you are that embodies your individual taste. You buy quality of the materials used, attention for details and unique design; something made with hands and with love.

Art to wear: we propose glass jewelry to wear not only on special occasions, but in everyday life either with elegance and maximum comfort. The main features that characterises our production are:  essentiality as we let glass be the absolute protagonist of the picture, without any other element and modern and minimalistic design; we have roots  in our glass working tradition of the past, we take inspiration to Modernist jewelry where art and a graphic, abstract design are fused together, but we embrace contemporary glancing  to the future. Bright solid colors, intentionally irregular shapes and innovative creations like our three or four holes hollow beads are what represent us more. Originality of handcrafted creations combined to wearability and natural elegance.

Our product are made in Italy and are the wonderful result of secular glass working traditions and techniques that have been evolving for a long time and belong to our past.

They are made by an ancient technique called lampworking: fire and oxygen shape glass rods and turn them into what inspiration suggests. It is an art that requires many years of practise and experience to fully learn but gives infinite possibilities of expression. We have a particular interest in blown glass in which a great care of finishes and details is taken . Our hollow beads for examples are blown with a blow pipe following muranese techniques and made with the utmost precision and quality.

We offer a large selection of  Murano glass jewelry such as statement and bubble necklace, modern pendants, elegant rings, beads and much more at very competitive prices … Discover all our collections!


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