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Glass is a vibrant and surprisingly alive material, made up of natural elements that reflect light in a wonderful way. But its malleability is what fascinate most .  It is liquid and then  solid in a few seconds and gives endless creative possibilties. When it is heated by the torch begins to move in the flame like paint on canvas and then changes unexpectedly his consistency. This is the reason why  a piece of glass jewelry or a sculpture is one of a kind.

We are so passionate about glass that our jewely is entirely created by ouselves: from the design of a piece to all the steps that lead to completion.

Steps of Jewelry making


1.Visualize.  The first step in the design process is visualizing the piece through free hand  drawings. Our sketches can go through several stages of tightening before they’re finalized.





 2.Choosing rods.  The second step is choosing  glass rod colors and cutting gold or silver leaf if needed.




            3. Start heating glass and shape it by tools and/or by the flame and bring the object from an idea to final realization.