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Alberto Corte and Paola Scapin  share their life and their passion for glass. They started the Corte Studioglass company in 2007 in Venice, Italy and since then they keep on learning something new from their work and improving their skills.


Paola e Alberto


Alberto Corte attended humanities secondary school in Venice but has always been attracted by Arts, particularly by painting.
He was introduced to glass by his wife Paola. He got immediately fascinated by this fluid magic material and started his lampworking carrier in 2007 in Venice, Italy.
He took a course with glass master Paolo Cenedese at the Abate Zanetti School in Murano to learn glass  pipe blowing hollow beads. Then he improved his skills and self taught other techniques as glass sculpturing. He works every day to satisfy his customers requirements, collaborates with designers and designs his own collections. Alberto’s enthusiasm for exploration and his desire to experiment beyond the traditional boundaries of glass has led to a fresh, innovative and contemporary feel to his work through the unique use of colour, light and texture.

Paola Scapin attended humanities secondary school and graduated in languages at Ca’University in Venice, but she has had a passion for arts and handcraft especially jewelry  for forever. She took drawing courses and worked with many mediums and for the past 9 years has been pursuing the wonderful world of glass.
In 2006 attended a 2 months european social fund course at Abate Zanetti school in Murano to learn lampworking beads in the traditional way ( using a air/metane torch) and modern way ( using a oxygen/propane torch) .Then in 2007 she took a week course with the glass master Igor Balbi to learn the basics of pipe blown goblets and off mandrel techniques. She learned glass fusion technique too to explore other ways for working glass. She took also a course in silversmithing. Now she works with Alberto in their laboratory in Asolo. She thinks that having the possibility to create something with her own hands is a privilege and she’s very lucky because she can also designs her works that other people could wear.