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Artistic glass jewelry

Only glass is such a wonderful material, so versatile and ethereal that can be the only protagonist of the scene. Its main characteristic lies in the fact of being durable, unalterable by  corrosion  like precious stones. Our aim is to underline this aspect: essentiality is the keyword of our jewelry design: we let glass be free of reflecting light without burdening it with spacers or other metal elements. We let it express its vivid colors without forcing it into complex or innatural forms, but we turn it into harmoniuos geometrical shapes. Another aspect that characterises our line is redefinition of our glorious past in terms of glass working traditions in modern and innovative way: our costant effort is focused on the research of new original  solutions to best express the intrinsic qualities of glass but at the same time offering something easy and comfortable to wear. All our collection have as a common theme the concept of  simplicity intended as natural elegance without anything superfluous, classy  spontaneity and freshness  all reflected in our jewelry.



Balote glass necklace


What makes a difference between a mass produced piece of jewelry and an artistic piece of jewelry?

Quantity: big jewelry manufactures aim to produce as many pieces of the same item as possible and sell them to many channels of distribution. An handcrafted artistic item on the contrary is made singularly and is exclusive, because it is unique, one of a kind.

Quality : we use the best materials to produce our jewelry : genuine Murano glass bought directly from Effetre in Murano and antiallergic metal findings. We take great care for details as they significantly make the difference; besides every item is kiln annealed from preventing any breakage and carefully inspected before being sold.

Design: each piece of jewelry is not make to pander people likes as mass production does, but reflects an individual choice and a creative instinct in the effort of differentiating us from other competitors and designing a recognizable and personal line of jewelry.

Eco sustainability: glass jewelry unlike plastic or resin jewelry is not made using any petrol oil derivatives neither for its production nor for its raw materials. Besides mass production very often involve exploitation of environment and of workers.