Incense holders

Crocodile incense holder

  • Crocodile incense holder

Crocodile incense holder with two frogs and a lotus flower. the stick is hold by one of the crocodile’s nostril. Measures 32cm x 7cm.



Clown incense holder

  • glass clown

This clown is fallling to the ground together with one of his cones having a small 2mm hole tfor the incense stick. Measures 32cm x 7cm



Flower fairy incense holder

  • incense holder
    fairy incense holder

A beautiful fairy with butterfly wings holds a fragrant red rose which goes the incense stick in. Measures 32cm x 7cm height 13cm



Rastafarian smoker

  • glass incense holder
    glass smoker

Rasrafarian smoker on a colorful carpet with his lips holding the incense stick. Measures 32cm x 7cm


€ 325

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  • Glass swordsmen
    Glass swordsmen

Swordsmen duelling during a competition holding in their right hand incense sticks as they were swords.



  • Art glass
    Glass fisherman

This fisherman has the incense stick in his left hand as it were his fishing rod and he’s in bad mood because he didn’t catch any fish. Measures 32cm x 7cm



€ 295