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The brand Corte Studio Glass combines tradition (the ancient glass-working technique called “lampworking” learned in Murano island) with contemporaneity that is reflected by pure and essential lines.

Bright colors and shapes intentionally irregulars are the main characteristics of our creations.

In Cortestudioglass you will discover a continuous process of production because the object is thought and created by only one mind. What does it mean?  It means that we design and realizes each glass piece starting by a simple sketch on paper and then figuring out how to achieve a good result out of glass.

We believe in fact that only the artisan who has a solid humanistic background and never stops improving his own skills is able to submerge himself symbiotically in the matter and push it beyond its extreme chromatic and formal boundaries.


alberto corte

Alberto Corte

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"I'm just fascinated by this magic fluid that allows me to find always new ways of expression"

paola scapin

Paola Scapin

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"I love creating something with my own hands that people want to wear. It's a privilege!"

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